Surrendering to the Nudges of Life

Hello fuzzbutts!

In the pursuit of productivity and improving your lot in life, you’ll notice things can often improve and, just as if not MORE often, life gets in the way or you just feel like something is pushing on you. Your home life stinks with your parents so now is the time to do anything you can to set yourself up to move out when possible. You hate your job but haven’t taken that as the hint that you need to look for something else.

Life as a silly habit of being subtle for most of our lives. It just sits there, whispering in the back of our heads when something is off. Like there’s a little cloud or a sour spot in our lives. Unless it’s resolved, it’ll keep building up for you. Eventually, if you’re not careful, you’ll wake up hating your job or stewing in your frustration without even doing anything!

The first thing to do is notice the signs. I’ve been unhappy with my current job for a bit now but only recently realized I need to just move on and do something else. I’ve considered the other options but I feel like moving on is the best way to go. I’ve had days where I don’t want to do anything but need to head out of the house while the realtor hosts the open-house. For this little nudge, I just decided to roll with it and do something different like go to the beach. If I remain at the job, I’ll be unhappy. If I tried to stew in annoyance at leaving the house when I’d rather relax at home, I’d end up with a terrible day. Instead, these situations (or at least my feelings about them) are turning around!

So try to listen to life and learn how to accept the situation and roll with it to find the best solution for yourself. Often, you’ll come out the other side much better off! It doesn’t have to be a big issue for you to make the most of it!

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Fitting in exercise!

Hello fuzzbutts!

One thing I enjoy doing is working in some exercise in my day. If you’ve been following for a bit, you might have read that I enjoy working out in the mornings. Yes! It’s the best time for me to squeeze in some running or something before going to work. That being said, especially lately, I don’t always have the energy in the mornings.

One reason might be my lack of a workout partner to motivate me to get out of bed no matter how tired I am. Somebody being around to work out with would be helpful to push myself. Unfortunately, the teeny gym by my work doesn’t really have anyone on the same schedule as me so there’s not really a workout partner there.

Another reason for my recent fatigue in the mornings is probably the fact my family is moving and this might be some residual stress. So maybe a little meditation might be helpful. By the middle of the day I’m usually ok so, for now, I know what I need to do.

Work out after work! That’s the plan for myself now. I’ll feel better when I get home and I’ll sleep better. Traffic will be a little worse but it works for my schedule so that’s what’s important. Hopefully, I hope you’re finding the best workout time for yourself because, as fuzzbutts, we need it! Plus, I’ve found cardio to be very helpful for fursuiting!

As a last note for right now, I will be at AZFC in less than 2 weeks! If you’ve read my blog and enjoyed it, I’d love it if you said hello! I look forward to another fun convention!

Good luck, fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Update

Hello Fuzzbutts!

So life is changing yet again. I moved in with family to save money and now we’re all moving! The bad side is my life is topsy turvy for the moment as we rearrange everything. The good side is this second move motivated me to rid myself of things I barely touched since the last purge. I sold my 3D printer which was more finicky than I wanted to deal with, including not wanting to make the effort to learn a bunch of 3d modeling. I learned quite a bit about the process but no thank you!

Also purged some stuff I made that I was having a hard time getting rid of. Partial Mandalorian costume is gone along with some other stuff I made. A play mat I made myself for a tabletop game that I haven’t used in ages. Also offloading as much as I can in the meantime.

I’m going to keep up with the blog but you may notice a little tardiness here and there in getting them up. Got a lot going on but I’m happy to come on here and give examples of when I’m following my own advice.

So keep up with the purging, fuzzbutts! Good luck out there!

When it all comes crumbling down

Hello fuzzbutts.

That headline alone probably hit you in the feels. That’s ok. We’ve all hit those roadblocks. Those times where our plans suddenly fall through the floor or go up in smoke. Those times when you want a little support and nobody seems to have the time or the words. Things are breaking down and you’re on the verge of panic. The rough times. The etc etc.

Often times, there’s not much you can do about it. You have a couple of straws to grasp at but they don’t give you the sense of control to help you feel better. So here’s a couple of pieces of advice.

Stop. Just stop. Take a breath and calm down. Your mind is racing and telling you that there’s no time but there is. You need to pause and take control of your thoughts. Do some free-writing on the subject and you will feel a little more calm.

Keeps the lines of communication open. People who might not have been there when it happened when you were at your lowest might be there later. Accept their support if and when it arrives.

Finally, most of these things will pass. I’ve had plenty of cases in my life where it felt like my life was being flipped upside down, grinding my teeth at night, and waking up with a sense of dread. So what happened? I don’t remember. For something to make me feel so worried and panicked, I can’t even remember now. I remember how I felt but not the event. Think back to the last time this happened to you and realize the event wasn’t so terrible or at least helped you become the fuzzbutt you are now. This is different but it’s not THAT different.

When the problem hits, establish a little sense of calm in your life. Then realize this event might be changing your life but you are in control of how you respond to it. You’ll make it, fuzzbutts. Good luck out there.

Wednesday Tailtip: The reminder notes

Good morning fuzzbutts!

Even if you know what you should be doing, keeping that part in your mind when the tests come up can be difficult. An example is I’m trying to cut down on sugar. However, if somebody brings donuts to work, I forget about my sugar diet until I’m most of the way through a delicious chocolate-covered donut. So, rather than forget next time, I take a post-it note and stick it to my monitor that says Eat Less Sugar.

Since then, it’s been way easier to resist the temptation and stick to my reduced-sugar plan.

Also, I tend not to check the position of my arm/wrist when using a mouse at my computer. After having our safety person make sure my desk was ergonomic, she drew a frowny face on a post it now and put it above my mouse. Every time I see that goofy doodle, I’m sure to double-check my wrist is straight when at my computer.

Sometimes we need something external to remind us of the obvious. Somethings as simple as a post-it now might help you make the long-term habits and changes you need to keep improving your furry life!

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Don’t blow up your problems

Good morning, fuzzbutts!

Ever have that problem where you suddenly have an unwanted expense and you can’t help but realize that now you won’t be able to afford rent and now you’re going to be homeless and then you’re going to never recover and then you’re going to die alone? From some smaller incident, you suddenly realize your entire world is going to crash down around you? Yeah it gets to the best of us!

It’s actually pretty common. Here’s one I had gone through a while back. I had just moved out on my own and was learning how to make my way. While driving from the gym, a rock was kicked up by a truck and chipped my windshield. It was a tiny chip, like maybe 1/8th the size of a dime. My mind couldn’t help but spiral out of control. That chip has to be fixed. I have to pay to get it fixed and take time out to take it somewhere. I won’t be able to afford rent this month (without having a clue how expensive the repair would be). I made a huge mistake moving out on my own. I’m going to have to tuck my tail between my legs, lose all my money, and move back in with the folks and never recover. Oh boy. All this from what turned out to be a $35 repair and a little over an hour at a repair shop. At the time, this calamity made perfect sense because I wasn’t aware of one tool that would have helped then and still helps me now when things get rough.

First, something happens and you can feel your mind slipping into “Oh NO!” mode. When this happens, pull out a piece of paper, scrap paper or not, and then write out the catastrophe. Then, thinking as horrible and dark as you can, write one or two of the worst possible outcomes from this situation. Finally, write five more reasonable outcomes from this situation. They’re not as bad as you think. Are there any good possibilities from this situation (I’ve never had to deal with this kind of repair before so now it’s a new experience)? By the time you’re done writing the more realistic outcomes, you’re feeling a lot better. Lastly, write out something you can do in this situation (notify insurance and find repair shops).

Fuzzbutts, if you do this, you’ll find the stressful situations in life can often be less stressful, preserving your mind and your health. Give this a shot the next time the apocalypse decides to drop into your lap. Good luck out there fuzzbutts!


Edit: Also wanted to give a shout out to my friend BoxCat aka Boz aka BoseCat for the new icon. I commissioned a new logo for my site and business cards and they did an awesome job!