Wednesday Tailtips for Productivity and Life Management!

Hello fuzzies!

It occurred to me that I have lots of small tips that don’t really work to stretch into a lengthy post on Saturdays. So I figured why not do more than just a weekly post? I’ll start posting on Wednesdays with my own personal mini-tips on how to keep productive. I’ll recommend apps or gadgets or techniques that I use. I don’t have any sponsors so I’m not getting anything out of recommending this stuff except the satisfaction of knowing I’m helping others.

So here’s my first tip:

To manage my finances without having to always check the banks, I keep my banking information compiled into an app called Mint which I keep on my phone. This app is managed by Intuit (the ones behind TurboTax) so you know it’s secure. You just connect your various accounts to this app and you can set budgets for the different kinds of spending you do. You can’t transfer money or anything through this app but it gives you, at a glance, the status of your bank accounts and your spending. I feel like whenever I start to consider how my spending has been for the month, I can just pop up this app and see. Less things on your mind means more focus on the things you want to work on!

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