Wednesday Tailtip: How I get dressed

Hello Fuzzbutts!

For this week’s tip, I thought I’d share the simple way I get dressed and keep my life simple every day.

In my closet, I separate the casual shirts from dressy (work) shirts. When I’m getting dressed for work, I grab the work shirt farthest on my left on the rack. That’s it! If I don’t want to wear that shirt, I put it back and grab the next one. The next day, if I still don’t want to wear that shirt, I realize that shirt just isn’t a good shirt for me and toss it in a bag to donate to the local Goodwill. After doing this for a few weeks (I had a lot of dress shirts after years of receiving them from family as gifts for Christmas and birthdays, etc) I now have a rack of shirts that I enjoy and don’t have to think about when it comes to putting them on. Casual shirts I treat the same way to narrow down what shirts I like vs those I don’t. Any shirts that go onto the rack (laundry day) go furthest to the right so I’m always circulating them.

I keep few pairs of pants so decisions aren’t really needed. I keep blue jeans and black work pants so it’s not like there’s a lot of variety for me to bother with. I wear the same pair each week unless I notice a spot on them. I also pay attention to how well they fit to decide if I need to dump them.

I know some of you fuzzbutts work out of the home and STILL have to take time to decide what you want to wear for the day so I hope this helps!

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