Wednesday Tailtip: Read more!

Hi Fuzzbutts!

So this week I’m telling you to read more! Yes! Anything you want! Just sit your tail down and read. Nonfiction books are great and so are fiction books!

Note that I’m saying books. Too many of us ingest too much from the media like news articles and other stuff that is meant more to put us in an emotional state rather than tell a story or truly inspire.

I read at least one book per month. Sometimes they’re long books and sometimes they’re fairly short. I like reading paperbacks and on my kindle. At work I’ll listen to audiobooks and podcasts and when I’m home I’ll squeeze in some time with my kindle. Reading truly does expand your mind. Whether it’s to boost your creativity by taking you to some awesome world or telling the true story of a heroic historical figure, you’ll always gain something by reading. Maybe even some productivity tips!

Maybe I’ll write a longer article in the future on the subject but always try to squeeze in a good 10 minutes of reading something you’ll enjoy and become a better you. So pick some subjects you enjoy (science fiction, relationship advice, war history, romance, etc) and get started!

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