Wednesday Tailtip: Podcast- Optimal Living Daily

Hi Fuzzbutts!

So this week’s tailtip is not sponsored or anything but I wanted to recommend a podcast anyway! It’s called Optimal Living Daily. I like it because the host just reads self-improvement articles from successful bloggers (with permission). Don’t you wish you had an audible for simpler reads? Plus he jumps between different authors to pick his favorites so you’re reading the nicest material instead of having to sift through somebody’s posts for the best stuff (ahem).

Optimal Living Daily is a great podcast but also expanded itself into Optimal Finance Daily and Optimal Health Daily among others. See the themes? So if you want more food and exercise stuff, Health is good. If you’re only concerned about money, then Finance is the one for you.

I listen to all of them every day. They’re usually pretty short at 15 minutes or so but I listen at 2x speed so it’s faster to get through.

It’s a nice way to start the day and keeps the whole productivity theme in my daily life! Anyway give it a shot and see if any of the content resonates with you! Good luck, fuzzbutts!

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