Wednesday Tailtip: Journaling and free-writing

Hello fuzzbutts!

I wanted to tell you today about the importance of journaling. No, I don’t quite mean “Dear Diary, I had a cupcake for breakfast this afternoon.” I mean more on the level of free-writing. How does it work?

Pen to Paper for 10 minutes.

That’s it. Just sit down with a notebook or paper and start writing the flood of words from your brain. It doesn’t have to make sense or sound intelligent. You just write whatever pops into your head. You might start with writing about what you need to do that day and then that time little Chester knocked your ham sandwich out of your hand in third grade. Doing this unlocks parts of your mind where you might have been holding onto stress, sad events, times of injustice, etc which you might not have realized you were still thinking about.

Initially, doing these pages might end up filling papers with a rush of sad or angry thoughts. That’s healthy to vent them out onto the page. Identifying the things that are still troubling you will help you let go of those feelings. Eventually, you’ll start writing less depressing things and start to consider your place in the world. Maybe you’ll just start writing about your goals and how to achieve them.

You can write as long as you feel the need to but try to squeeze in at least 10 minutes a day. You can do it anytime. Sometimes I’ll take a break at work and write some stuff out. If you want to read them later, that’s ok. Just DON’T SHOW ANYONE ELSE. These are your private thoughts. Another option is to just throw away the page as soon as you’re done with it like I do.

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