Monday Update: Moooooving!

Good evening, fuzzbutts!

As a general update, I’ve been practically priced out of my apartment so now I’m moving. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks packing up as much stuff as I can and taking it to the folks! Unfortunately, as I’m tracking my drawing goals, I’m discovering I’m falling behind in the amount of time I spend practicing.

As part of my drawing goal and gathering favorites, I discovered something obvious that I’ve been ignoring for my goal of getting 30 favorites on one piece. Un-shaded sketches don’t get a lot of favorites. I did a piece that was shaded and suddenly it was much better number even though I didn’t like the lineart as much as some I’ve done. So now I know I need to shade my art. I’ve adjusted my routine so now I draw and then shade it. I knew I was going to have to learn it eventually but seeing the stark difference in the sheer number of responses I have to shaded art, it helps motivate me to do it more often and get better at it!

Anyway I’m still moving and hope to get some of the bulk of it done this week so things go smoothly. This definitely interrupted some of my goal-progress time but this does still help me with my long-term goal of saving enough to buy a home. I’ll be back on Wednesday with the next tailtip! Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

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