Wednesday Tailtip: Keep the bad stuff out!

Hello fuzzbuts!

Whew! With everything going on lately, I almost forgot to write this! I really want to keep this blog going (one of my goals) so I remembered in time and am on the treadmill while I write this on my phone so please excuse spelling errors and I’ll try to fix any tonight.

This week, I wanted to go over an aspect of health again. Almost all of us want to lose weight or eat better but we still grab the sodas and chips and just deal with the guilt later. How can we possibly resist those snacks?

Well, my furry friend, don’t bring them into the home! Avoid the snack aisle when you’re shopping for food and don’t spend your money on the junk! It might sound difficult because you love your Strawberry Fanta but the usual saying “Out of sight, out of mind” really does apply.

Is there a way to motivate yourself to do this? Sure! Lump it in with your fitness and financial goals! You bust your tail in the gym and you’re going to undo all that hard work by guzzling sodas and munching flaming hot cheetos all week?

You’re saving up for something you found on The Dealers Den or a badge? Cut out the four dollar bag of chips and three dollar case of soda each week and save it up! I can go out to eat and spend close to $20 for a good but unhealthy meal or I can save $20 and put it toward buying artwork! Which would I enjoy more?

Anyway, it’s a known fact that the less convenient the junk food is to access, the less likely you’re going to go and find it! So if you don’t want to cut it all completely out of your life, at least shove it downstairs or in the garage like a unwanted Dutch Angel Dragon character you got when they were becoming insanely popular.

Hope this helps you improve your health and nutrition and I hope you take it seriously because I want your fuzzy butt to look good!

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