Plan for “Other Stuff”

Hello fuzzbutts!

Previously, I mentioned avoiding distractions when it comes to focusing on your work and goals. There’s always something that might ping your phone or you remember something else to work on.

However, there’s things that are unavoidable. Things like a family emergency. A coworker calls with a serious issue that must be resolved. Your wife or child causes a small grease fire in the kitchen. These aren’t avoidable. These don’t go away by silencing your phone. You HAVE to deal with it.

While not everything has to be critical to be unavoidable, there’s going to be something that drags you away from drawing or fursuit building. So what are you supposed to do to be productive? You don’t want to have your entire schedule and plan thrown for a loop because things happen!

Give yourself a little more time in the planning phase.

Yes. Just accept that you need to add more time to your schedule. John C. Maxwell, a powerhouse of leadership, admits in his own books that he determines exactly how much time a project should take for him to complete. He then doubles the time needed. There’s so many things that pop up and things that take more effort than expected that even this guru knows he underestimates it. We all tend to do that. We understand what the tasks require but we have no idea what the unexpected stuff will take for us.

It’s a fairly short post this week but it’s a critical aspect of goal-planning and timing. So whenever you approach your goals or even a task for the day (see Daily Tickets post previously), please make sure to understand that your day will rarely go perfectly smooth and you can be more forgiving to your schedule.

Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

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