Monday Update: Still moving

Hello, fuzzbutts!

Almost done with my move back to my folks place. Majority of my things have been taken over there and I’m realizing how many things I accumulated over my years on my own. Much of it isn’t even stuff I want to keep. Boxes and boxes of physical books, many I won’t even read again. Random crafting materials from back when I was attempting to make partial fursuits. Maybe I’ll force myself to finish using up the remaining fur material I have on tails and sell those on the Dealer’s Den.

Good news is that I sent all my unused foam to a friend who DOES make fursuits and they sent me a wonderful little voicemail to thank me.

Anyway, all that’s left to move are my bed and desk along with boxes of more random small things I’m trying to sell before I finish the move. I’m planning on having it done by next week.

This has definitely affected my availability to draw and work on certifications I need for my career. However, I’m still doing my best to get to them and I’m not going to beat myself up for needing to get this done. Love you all!

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