Wednesday Tailtip: Why are you keeping that?

Hello fuzzbutts!

So my move has gone pretty well as I downsize from my 900 sq ft apartment to a 250 sq ft or so bedroom, there were things I dumped quickly. The pots and pans and small appliances all had to go! Those had their uses and I didn’t need them anymore. However, the thing I had the most of were books. Boxes and boxes of books! Heavy boxes of books! Well boxes of books and random small objects or trinkets I held onto. As I continued to load my car, I realized how much work I had made for myself without actually wanting to keep the items!

It’s time to take a look around you! Is there anything there that doesn’t have a particular use? Does it actually leave you feeling neutral instead of happy? Well it’s time to get rid of it! As soon as you can! The less stuff around you, the less distractions and stuff you’ll have to deal with later!

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