Crop your life like cropping your photos!

Hello fuzzbutts!

You know when you take that perfect picture? It looks great. You’re right in the middle with a perfect background and looking amazing. However… there’s that weird doggo on the side. It’s got one eye kinda closed and a big goofy look on its face. Here you are, all the prestige of royalty, and everyone’s looking at that doofy dog. So you crop the doggo out and enjoy your splendor. Get where I’m going? No? That’s ok! I did a terrible job with that analogy.

Anyway, the cantankerous canine is every distraction we have in the glorious photo of our life’s journey. We have a clear picture of how we want things to go and what our goals are. Unfortunately, all sorts of things might interfere with realizing those dreams. it might be a person in our lives. It could be a project you’re not excited about. It could even be one of your own bad habits.

Well the job this time around is to identify what things are distracting you from your goals. For my morning routine, the thing that kills my groove is turning on my PC because it distracts the heck out of me. Another distraction for me is a mess! If I make something messy, it suddenly creeps up in my mind as if it’s the most important thing to take care of rather than my most important goals! Remove the distractions!

So once you have an idea what the distractions are, take them out of the picture! Understand the life you want and what you need to do! Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

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