Wednesday Tailtip: De-clutter and get money!

I can’t stress enough how much I feel de-cluttering helps to simplify your life and make it so much easier to focus. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things. My recent move made it easy but even then, I was tempted to hold onto stuff. The idea of cash in my pocket sounded even better, though, so I went ahead and sold stuff!

Books, games, movies, etc. All of them are actually pretty easy to look up on Amazon. Whatever you’re considering getting rid of, see if you can put it up for sale. The site just makes it easy. Anything that wasn’t worth selling was usually so cheap that it wasn’t even worth holding onto! Why let your copy of Zootopia take up space when it’ll only cost you 5 bucks (after shipping) to get it back in the future?

So sell what you can and dump anything else that isn’t worth its weight in salt!

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