Wednesday Tailtip: Talk To More People!

Hello Fuzzbutts!

One thing our fandom can really use is better mannerisms and conversational skills. There’s a reason furry cringe videos are a thing. To be honest, it will be a dark future for the fandom when the next generation is a bunch of well-socialized kids. Oh well! You’re already in the fandom! So what now?

There’s one requirement to being better at socializing and expressing yourself to others. That’s to socialize and express yourself to others. If you’re really having trouble, read a few books on communication like body language and etiquette.  Review cringe videos/texts and see what others did wrong to make sure you don’t do those things. Either way, you have to put anything you learn into action to get better at it.

This means interacting with new people too! If you’re only hanging with your circle of friends and don’t try to meet new people, you won’t encounters the many types of social situations you need to expand your mind and experiences. So try to meet new people, analyze situations, and definitely try to take cues from how they react to things you say. It’s painful to watch somebody keep rambling about something when NOBODY CARES. It’s not interesting. Don’t try to keep explaining it as if details are going to make the rest of it fascinating. Don’t launch into sexual discussions with somebody you don’t know. You’d think this might be common sense but TOO MANY FURRIES DO IT!

Anyway, let’s keep improving the image of the fandom by working on how we express ourselves and how we interact with each other and with others! Good luck, Fuzzbutts!

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