Thursday Tailtip: Remember to keep learning toward your goals!

Good morning, Fuzzbutts!

Today, I want to remind everyone that your life’s goals pretty much ALL have resources available online for you to research. Yesterday I thought about my future and how I want to have a family, raise good pup wuffs, and maintain a loving, happy relationship. Yet my dating life isn’t so great right now. So what do I need to do? As grand a vision as that is, I don’t really research those topics as much as I just try to put myself out there. Well why not research more?

Dating is being covered more and more in books and videos (honest dating, not pick-up artist stuff) and relationships have their own section in the bookstore too. Parenting is another huge topic out there. The study of happiness is only being rediscovered in the modern world. Yet these are the types of things we think we can just learn or do without any help and have an easy time of it.

Maybe instead of dating, you’re trying to discover how to be more positive in your personality, improve social interactions, increase your general knowledge of the universe, or increase your discipline and determination. There are all kinds of things out there that people have studied and worked on and actually want to give that information out to the world. So, if it’s related to something you want, why not see what they have to say? Not to say everyone out there is an actual expert. Sometimes people just put things out there because their real goal is just to be seen or to sell their “secret formula” to life.  As you see these things, you’ll learn how to differentiate the useful advice from the useless fluff.

Good luck fuzzbutts!

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