Fursuiting Tips!


So, following up on all the con fun I had over the weekend, I wanted to present a few things I learned as I ran around in my fursuit to maximize fun!

  • Shower BEFORE and AFTER you fursuit! You’re going to sweat. If you shower before you suit up, you’ll sweat but be much less gross in your fursuit. If you take a cool shower before hand, you can cool yourself down a bit before getting all hot in your suit too! After you suit, clean yourself up and spray down your suit and hang it up to dry. This will help you maintain your suit and prevent it from getting icky during the con!
  • I splurged a while back and got the EZ Cool Vest to wear under my fursuit and over my underarmor. It definitely helped. I’d wander around in my suit and could feel the coolness of the gel packs and they chilled out pretty darn fast after tossing them into the hotel sink and dumping ice over them. I recommend getting something like that to keep yourself cool.
  • Hydrate like crazy. If you feel yourself cooling down pretty quick and then put on the fursuit to almost immediately overheat. Your body is having trouble regulating your body temp because you’re dehydrated! So drink a bit before suiting and then drink a lot after suiting.
  • Work your cardio before a con. Cardio exercise improves your stamina in suit so you can suit even longer! Your overall fitness will determine how well you do in fullsuit.
  • Want some photos taken of you? Find a high-traffic spot and stand around! If you’re wandering the con the entire time, people will often assume you’re too busy for them to want to stop you and ask. So find a nice spot and hang out, look cute, and wave to anyone who looks over at you. Another way is to do something fun to perform in front of everyone but, especially for high levels of activity, that might tucker you out. I got way more photos just hanging outside the AZFC dealer’s den than I did at any other point in the con!

So those are my quick notes on fursuiting and making the most of your hot adventure! Good luck, fuzzbutts!

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