Wednesday Tailtip: Burpee Challenge

Hi fuzzbutts!

So I have a little less than a couple of weeks now before my big Spartan race. I’m pretty darn excited for it and have been doing some training. Probably not enough training but I’ve never done this before so I truly don’t know how much is enough. I’ll definitely be learning something in the process.

One warning a coworker gave me is that if you can’t pass an obstacle, you gotta do burpees to continue. I had heard of them and had seen them done but never really had them as part of my routine. So I decided to practice those. Holy hooves am I glad I did. These things are hard, especially at the start when the muscle memory wasn’t there and I was starting to fall over after a few in a row. I would have been in trouble if I waited to do them at the race.

Since learning how to actually do them, I realized they are awesome for working out. They’ll get your heart pounding, work out your legs and check muscles and core in every rep. A few sets of those and you’ll be sweating like you went on a run. I’m a big advocate for them now!

So if you’re looking for a way to up your workout, start incorporating burpees. There’s videos on youtube and other sites on proper burpee technique. As a tip I didn’t know initially, spread your legs a little wider than your arms when you jump forward and also when you’re coming back down. It’ll be easier to keep your balance and you won’t fall over the place like a derpy wuff.

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