Going to Biggest Little Fur Con!


So this Wednesday I’ll be off to Reno, NV to attend my favorite furry convention! Unfortunately, the flights were either 6:30AM or like 9PM so I’ll be getting there SUPER early. I think my flight lands around 7:30AM. So maybe I’ll have a room ready or I’ll just have to leave my bags at the front desk and enjoy the casino for a while. Unfortunately, the same applies to my flight back so I’ll be leaving crazy early Monday morning.

I’ve got my FurCon Checklist I made (link on the left side) and I’m packing up some things in advance this weekend since I’m not going to have time to pack more on Wednesday and I don’t have much time in the evenings during the week.

If you enjoy my blog, I’d love it if you greeted me and I want to hear if there’s anything in particular you found helpful or would like to hear more about.

I wuff you all and I’m looking forward to this fun trip!

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