BLFC Wrap Up

Wuffles! BLFC finished a week ago! Your post is late!

Yeah I know. I’ve been swamped with a bunch of cleaning, post con depression, and fursuit washing as I get back into my day job too! So many excuses but I finally made it.

Short of BLFC: I had a blast. Long: I spent the minimal time I could in the room and spent as much as I could with friends. I decided to have a couple of furries I had never known room with me to split some of the bill and they were a great pair of furries and now friends. My very first con, I had joined randoms and it was a nightmare so I’m so happy they were cool. Friends I hadn’t seen in a while were so much fun to spend time with. Didn’t make any use of the pool this time around since the weather was lousy but I miss everyone already!

As far as my furcon checklist, it worked out perfectly this time around as I went through and checked all the boxes. I had plenty of clothing to last me the entire time. All it took was two checked bags and a backpack so I still had room for a carry-on if I ever want to struggle dragging more stuff around.

I’m so glad I went and I’m going to try to make it to MFF this year too. I should have enough vacation days by the time it rolls around and I’m giving up on DenFur since everything is sold out anyway.

Lastly, I did talk to several people about the ways things were going for them and I think it has given me a couple of ideas on more posts to write so look forward to that. For now, I’m so happy I went, life is returning to normal, and it was such a great con.

Have fun, furries!

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