Wuff’s Log: Feelings Last Night

Hi Fuzzbutts,

Lately, work has been pretty rough. It’s been requiring a lot more multitasking than I would like so I’ve been getting scatter-brained and making some mistakes. No I don’t think it’s to the level my job is in jeopardy or anything, but as anyone else who wants to do a good job, it does shake my confidence. However, as somebody who usually overthinks, it is the kind of thing I might go home, feel down on myself a bit, and brood over the problems I’m having.

Last night was a Food Bank night, though. I went to the local food bank for a volunteer shift I volunteered for. Given the virus pandemic going on right now, there is increasing concern about spreading it, especially considering the food bank is powered by volunteers to help the less fortunate, elderly, or both. What was the big task? Bagging potatoes. Standing there, 6 feet apart from other people, grabbing 40lb bags of potatoes and turning them into smaller bags of potatoes to be passed out, I actually started to feel better.

Every single bag I made became a person receiving that bag from a distributor. Some hungry person, down on their luck, would get one of my bags and get a little relief with it. As lousy as I was feeling last night, it became a race against myself to help as many people as I could. By the end of the 90 minutes or so of just bagging potatoes, I felt a bit better. The problems I have feel so small when compared with other people. I still have my worries about work but I feel better about myself at least. This is a feeling I often have there but last night is when I really felt it.

These are my feelings. I doubt I’m the only one who has ever felt down or incompetent. I just wish more people would reach out to help others. Maybe more people would feel better too.

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