Wednesday Tailtip: Checking in on Becoming Your Fursona

Good morning fuzzbutts!

So today I wanted us to check in on our personal journeys. A while ago during a health post I made, I said that rather than focus on just exercise, think of it as becoming more like your fursona (since the majority of our original characters have ideal body types). Well how’s it going? Exercising, still? Eating a bit better? Any progress so far?

Well I am. I took my running to the next level on a beautiful little hiking trail by where I work. I listen to motivational videos to push myself harder so I can get into the physical shape I need. As time has gone on, I even started improving my eating habits and diets. So that’s awesome. Progress is being made!

As I’m physically approaching my fursona’s type, now it’s time to think about the next thing. Do I have the good habits of my fursona? Does my fursona play video games all day? Does my fursona spread themselves really thin with a huge variety of projects or is he just really good at a couple of things. Do they focus on acquiring stuff or experiences? Well my fursona’s interests are things I also have an interest in. So why not focus on the interests since I find those fascinating already? It’s funny to feel like you should live vicariously through a character you created but sometimes that’s the perspective that will motivate you to improve yourself. I want to emphasize GOOD habits. If your fursona is dark and brutal, then focus on the positive aspects. Are they confident, strong, disciplined,or even free spirited and fun? Develop those aspects in your life.

Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

Thursday Tailtip: Remember to keep learning toward your goals!

Good morning, Fuzzbutts!

Today, I want to remind everyone that your life’s goals pretty much ALL have resources available online for you to research. Yesterday I thought about my future and how I want to have a family, raise good pup wuffs, and maintain a loving, happy relationship. Yet my dating life isn’t so great right now. So what do I need to do? As grand a vision as that is, I don’t really research those topics as much as I just try to put myself out there. Well why not research more?

Dating is being covered more and more in books and videos (honest dating, not pick-up artist stuff) and relationships have their own section in the bookstore too. Parenting is another huge topic out there. The study of happiness is only being rediscovered in the modern world. Yet these are the types of things we think we can just learn or do without any help and have an easy time of it.

Maybe instead of dating, you’re trying to discover how to be more positive in your personality, improve social interactions, increase your general knowledge of the universe, or increase your discipline and determination. There are all kinds of things out there that people have studied and worked on and actually want to give that information out to the world. So, if it’s related to something you want, why not see what they have to say? Not to say everyone out there is an actual expert. Sometimes people just put things out there because their real goal is just to be seen or to sell their “secret formula” to life.  As you see these things, you’ll learn how to differentiate the useful advice from the useless fluff.

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Your “why” can change!

Good morning fuzzbutts!

Sometimes you have a good reason for setting a goal. You pick something you want to work on and you know exactly what the goal of it is and why you want to do it. You get that motivation for a while and you keep at it. Yet your discipline and motivation fails at some point and you stop working on it as much as you did. Eventually, you stop working on it entirely. You know why you should do it. The why is still there. However, it’s not enough to keep you going! What a predicament, furry friends!

I went through this recently. I’ve had piles of fur and sewing materials for a long time now. YEARS! I bought the fur to make tails or to make paws and fursuit stuff and then poof. Poof. Making paws was too hard. Making tails didn’t pay enough. Still, despite one of my earlier posts to declutter and get rid of stuff, I couldn’t bring myself to toss out hundreds of dollars in fur. There’s still value in making tails, even if it won’t replace my job. So the fur sat, me without enough motivation to finish using up the fur and selling it. I know my why was “make money” but that’s not good enough. So what changed?

I moved into a much smaller room from my apartment. 900 sqft of stuff crammed into less than 250. That wasn’t quite enough to get rid of the fur so it sat in the corner by my window. However, it’s August and there’s a heatwave now and no AC where I live. It’s affecting my sleep because it’s so warm at night. So what do I want now? A standing, portable AC unit to hook into the window and cool down my room. What do I need for it? I have the money already. What I don’t have is space in front my window. I can’t shove the fur into another spot because there’s no space. If I want that AC unit and to cool down and feel better overall, I need to start burning through that fur or get rid of it.

I can’t say that’s the only reason I’m able to work on this. I had found already that I can draw in the mornings. I’m lazy after work and it’s hard to work on my goals. So now my goal is to work on the fur in the mornings. It’s easy. I can dedicate a whole two hours before the gym and before work to just sew tails. In two days I was able to hand-sew a tail and a half when it didn’t feel like work at all. The “making money” will be a side effect of me selling these tails after they are finished.

Is “I want an AC unit in my room” some grand nebulous goal to motivate you? Maybe not you but it’s working for me! Your why doesn’t matter as long as it gets your tail moving toward your goal and getting things done. After that, what else is there for me to do? Once the fur is gone, maybe it’ll go back to purely drawing or maybe I have another short-term goal to work on. We’ll have to see! In the meantime, understand why you want to do something and don’t be afraid of changing your “why” as long as it gets you going.

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Take a moment for yourself

Hello fuzzbutts!

In the search to do better and be more productive, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes you can’t just sit down and find a spot to meditate. I tend to be surrounded by people or noisy equipment/machinery so it’s tough to find peace and concentrate on your breath. So what do you do when you feel the need to catch your breath or sort your thoughts?

I recommend you just get away from people. Anything people do whether it’s sitting quietly tapping at their computer or having a random conversation with somebody else is a distraction. Just get away and take a breath by yourself. No need to meditate. Just let your mind think freely. Maybe something else is bother you. Journaling might be helpful but I find it’s best to just go sit somewhere and look over a leaf or just watch traffic run by. It’s important you take the time to decompress when you can, even if it’s just to roll a leaf between your fingers for a few minutes before getting back into it.

Wednesday Tailtip: Motivational Videos?!

Hello fuzzbutts!

I hope this blog has been helping you and others to avoid living in mediocrity and, instead, has been helping you grow and focus on your life’s path. This week’s tailtip is to check out youtube. There’s all kinds of tutorials and things to learn, but sometimes it helps just to get inspired in general. Motivation is a bad girlfriend or boyfriend but think of these videos as one of the few things you can do to get that significant other to show up for a little while.

So here’s the tip: Go on YouTube, search for “Motivational video” and you’ll come up with channels and channels of videos and collections of motivational speeches and successful people giving insight and thoughts that you can use to push yourself more. The more you listen to these, the greater the chance you’ll hear something that resonates with you and gets you motivated to get stuff done!

Love you all and good luck, fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Rip off the bandage

Hi Fuzzbutts!

Today I wanted to tell you that it’s time to get those things done you needed to finish. Yes some of those things are the worst. Nobody would want to do them, let alone you or me. Those tasks on our list that we haven’t gotten around to are eating up space in our minds and causing us to put off the important stuff we want to do. We guilt ourselves into putting off the good things because we haven’t done the tough things.

Sometimes this can happen with work. There’s something more interesting we want to do, but we know we have some arduous or tedious task that has to get done. I want to run an experiment but I have to finish some paperwork and a report that nobody truly cares about before I can begin. So I do neither for a while. I finally get around to it when pressure begins to settle on it and then get to do the thing I actually wanted. I could have been working on this a whole week ago but put it off.

Same applies to play. We didn’t behave productively so we don’t feel good about playing video games so instead we settle on wasting time with youtube videos which we also don’t feel good about. Why not just do the productive thing which already gives a satisfying feeling after you’re done, and then have your time to play?

So today I’m telling you to prioritize again and force yourself to just do it. No motivation games here. Just pick up the pencil or whatever and just get to work. It doesn’t have to be perfect and, if you focus, you’ll get it done faster. Then you can work on the things that really matter. Good luck Fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Talk To More People!

Hello Fuzzbutts!

One thing our fandom can really use is better mannerisms and conversational skills. There’s a reason furry cringe videos are a thing. To be honest, it will be a dark future for the fandom when the next generation is a bunch of well-socialized kids. Oh well! You’re already in the fandom! So what now?

There’s one requirement to being better at socializing and expressing yourself to others. That’s to socialize and express yourself to others. If you’re really having trouble, read a few books on communication like body language and etiquette.  Review cringe videos/texts and see what others did wrong to make sure you don’t do those things. Either way, you have to put anything you learn into action to get better at it.

This means interacting with new people too! If you’re only hanging with your circle of friends and don’t try to meet new people, you won’t encounters the many types of social situations you need to expand your mind and experiences. So try to meet new people, analyze situations, and definitely try to take cues from how they react to things you say. It’s painful to watch somebody keep rambling about something when NOBODY CARES. It’s not interesting. Don’t try to keep explaining it as if details are going to make the rest of it fascinating. Don’t launch into sexual discussions with somebody you don’t know. You’d think this might be common sense but TOO MANY FURRIES DO IT!

Anyway, let’s keep improving the image of the fandom by working on how we express ourselves and how we interact with each other and with others! Good luck, Fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Assess every bit of your health

Good morning fuzzbutts!

As a quick tip today, look at yourself and the areas of your life that could get better. Not sleeping well, look up ways from articles on how to sleep better. Maybe you’re missing something like you need to keep the curtains closed! Waking up with a sour taste in your mouth? Acid reflux might be doing that and that will also affect your sleep so get it under control.

Get sad at certain moments? Look at your brain and maybe feel out what the triggers are. I noticed I can wake up pretty depressed but it’s usually because my sleep quality that night was so terrible.

There’s lots of small chronic things that seem so small and minor that we just feel that’s normal. It’s probably not, though! So try to catch areas of your health and look up the symptoms to see if anyone else has come across it. It’s up to you to realistically assess whether it’s an issue with mouth-breathing or if you have cancer (You probably don’t have cancer so at least try the other solutions first).

Wednesday Tailtip: De-clutter and get money!

I can’t stress enough how much I feel de-cluttering helps to simplify your life and make it so much easier to focus. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things. My recent move made it easy but even then, I was tempted to hold onto stuff. The idea of cash in my pocket sounded even better, though, so I went ahead and sold stuff!

Books, games, movies, etc. All of them are actually pretty easy to look up on Amazon. Whatever you’re considering getting rid of, see if you can put it up for sale. The site just makes it easy. Anything that wasn’t worth selling was usually so cheap that it wasn’t even worth holding onto! Why let your copy of Zootopia take up space when it’ll only cost you 5 bucks (after shipping) to get it back in the future?

So sell what you can and dump anything else that isn’t worth its weight in salt!

Wednesday Tailtip: Why are you keeping that?

Hello fuzzbutts!

So my move has gone pretty well as I downsize from my 900 sq ft apartment to a 250 sq ft or so bedroom, there were things I dumped quickly. The pots and pans and small appliances all had to go! Those had their uses and I didn’t need them anymore. However, the thing I had the most of were books. Boxes and boxes of books! Heavy boxes of books! Well boxes of books and random small objects or trinkets I held onto. As I continued to load my car, I realized how much work I had made for myself without actually wanting to keep the items!

It’s time to take a look around you! Is there anything there that doesn’t have a particular use? Does it actually leave you feeling neutral instead of happy? Well it’s time to get rid of it! As soon as you can! The less stuff around you, the less distractions and stuff you’ll have to deal with later!