Wuff’s Log: Feelings Last Night

Hi Fuzzbutts,

Lately, work has been pretty rough. It’s been requiring a lot more multitasking than I would like so I’ve been getting scatter-brained and making some mistakes. No I don’t think it’s to the level my job is in jeopardy or anything, but as anyone else who wants to do a good job, it does shake my confidence. However, as somebody who usually overthinks, it is the kind of thing I might go home, feel down on myself a bit, and brood over the problems I’m having.

Last night was a Food Bank night, though. I went to the local food bank for a volunteer shift I volunteered for. Given the virus pandemic going on right now, there is increasing concern about spreading it, especially considering the food bank is powered by volunteers to help the less fortunate, elderly, or both. What was the big task? Bagging potatoes. Standing there, 6 feet apart from other people, grabbing 40lb bags of potatoes and turning them into smaller bags of potatoes to be passed out, I actually started to feel better.

Every single bag I made became a person receiving that bag from a distributor. Some hungry person, down on their luck, would get one of my bags and get a little relief with it. As lousy as I was feeling last night, it became a race against myself to help as many people as I could. By the end of the 90 minutes or so of just bagging potatoes, I felt a bit better. The problems I have feel so small when compared with other people. I still have my worries about work but I feel better about myself at least. This is a feeling I often have there but last night is when I really felt it.

These are my feelings. I doubt I’m the only one who has ever felt down or incompetent. I just wish more people would reach out to help others. Maybe more people would feel better too.

Next Level of Life

Hello fuzzbutts!

I am not only a productive wuff, I also happen to be a homeowner now! I’ve spent the past couple of weeks closing the deal and then the last week moving my stuff over and settling in. What a stressful time! It was the stress where you pray it ends NOW but you’re putting up with it because you’re excited for when it’s over. Huge shout out to my folks for helping me make this happen.

So what’s next? I spent the past few years saving and doing my best to afford this home. Now the money I pay is not really lost value and I can use whatever I have for other things. Well, first is to establish my emergency savings again. I dipped into it for the down payment but I need to re-establish the safety net. After that, I need to fill my new home with some furniture that I want and will use and can entertain guests (I own one chair). Then I’ll start saving for conventions and going out to other things more. Just need to set some goals to make it happen!

Part of this moving process is, again, a chance to declutter! I’ve moved everything I could and then some from my folk’s home and now I can toss or donate whatever I’m not using. Old tablet and stylus I never used? Out the door! Karate trophies from when I was 11 or 12? Bye! I can decorate everything exactly how I want and make it a good den for a good wuff.

It really does feel like a new stage in my own life and I hope to maintain being a productive wuff, advancing in my career, and keeping you fuzzbutts along for the journey while providing value. I appreciate you all and keep an eye out for my next post!

Good luck, fuzzbutts!

BLFC Wrap Up

Wuffles! BLFC finished a week ago! Your post is late!

Yeah I know. I’ve been swamped with a bunch of cleaning, post con depression, and fursuit washing as I get back into my day job too! So many excuses but I finally made it.

Short of BLFC: I had a blast. Long: I spent the minimal time I could in the room and spent as much as I could with friends. I decided to have a couple of furries I had never known room with me to split some of the bill and they were a great pair of furries and now friends. My very first con, I had joined randoms and it was a nightmare so I’m so happy they were cool. Friends I hadn’t seen in a while were so much fun to spend time with. Didn’t make any use of the pool this time around since the weather was lousy but I miss everyone already!

As far as my furcon checklist, it worked out perfectly this time around as I went through and checked all the boxes. I had plenty of clothing to last me the entire time. All it took was two checked bags and a backpack so I still had room for a carry-on if I ever want to struggle dragging more stuff around.

I’m so glad I went and I’m going to try to make it to MFF this year too. I should have enough vacation days by the time it rolls around and I’m giving up on DenFur since everything is sold out anyway.

Lastly, I did talk to several people about the ways things were going for them and I think it has given me a couple of ideas on more posts to write so look forward to that. For now, I’m so happy I went, life is returning to normal, and it was such a great con.

Have fun, furries!

Going to Biggest Little Fur Con!


So this Wednesday I’ll be off to Reno, NV to attend my favorite furry convention! Unfortunately, the flights were either 6:30AM or like 9PM so I’ll be getting there SUPER early. I think my flight lands around 7:30AM. So maybe I’ll have a room ready or I’ll just have to leave my bags at the front desk and enjoy the casino for a while. Unfortunately, the same applies to my flight back so I’ll be leaving crazy early Monday morning.

I’ve got my FurCon Checklist I made (link on the left side) and I’m packing up some things in advance this weekend since I’m not going to have time to pack more on Wednesday and I don’t have much time in the evenings during the week.

If you enjoy my blog, I’d love it if you greeted me and I want to hear if there’s anything in particular you found helpful or would like to hear more about.

I wuff you all and I’m looking forward to this fun trip!

Trying a format change for the site

Hello fuzzbutts!

I’ve gone through all my posts since starting this blog and categorized everything. I added the categories to the left side in the navigation menu. Hopefully this will help everyone find the topics they are looking for without sifting through scrolling down and also gives me a reference on where I’m focused and where I should explore to make new posts. I am trying to help you (and myself) figure out how to develop all-around. All posts will still appear on the front page

I hope this doesn’t make the page appear busy and I’m thankful to all of you for visiting my site.

Have fun, furries!

Change of Plans!

Hello fuzzbutts!

So my last post, nearly 2 weeks ago now, was about making the changes you need. I described my job situation as my example and all the stuff going through my brain. Well! Change of plans again! I got the new job, showed up, and knew instantly in the first 5 hours that this wasn’t going to work. I finally got the tour of the location I was supposed to work at. It was way worse than the place I had originally toured. I, unfortunately, thought the labs were consistent. Not so much! Even before the end of the first day, I knew this wasn’t going to be acceptable for my ambition. Stability is one thing. This place was soul-crushing. Most of the people I met at that place were already in the process of quitting because of how bad it was. I already left my last job and now I had to leave this brand new job. Disappointment all around!

So maybe it’s a cautionary tale about change, you’re thinking. “Don’t make change! You’ll end up jobless!” No. Still not what I’m saying. One thing I will say I would not have made the change if I had just asked for/put pressure on them to let me tour the lab I was going to actually work at. Lesson learned for me before accepting work ANYWHERE.

Granted, this situation is not ideal. I’d prefer to be working right now. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll find other work in a place that I won’t find soul-killing. However, I will take solace in the fact I have money saved, a good living situation, and freedom to explore more options with more time, catching up on some things I fell behind on (like this blog).

So, given this situation, I decided to explore my options. I didn’t burn my bridges (see earlier post about that) with the old company so I might be able to just ask for my job back. However, maybe this was the boost I needed to explore even more places. It’s hard to decide. So I went seeking advice.

My old mentor suggested it would be ok to ask for the old job back if I was clear about what happened with the new job. Recent former boss said the situation was already pretty precarious for the group even before I left so, assuming they take me back, I’d be in a bad spot since they might not even want people of my level. Maybe. I know the things they were working on and that I would be pretty important to get those going. Still, theĀ trust is broken.

Speaking with other friends, I feel like there’s ways to proceed. I’m reaching out to other contacts to see if they have anything going on at their locations. I know how slowly the old job hires so I don’t expect to be replaced and I feel like I left on a high note so, unless they were moving in a different direction already, I don’t expect to get turned down if I wait a little while to try my other options. Ideally, I want something new and research based. Research is never 100% stable but I think I would prefer some instability over the depressing routine that I almost volunteered for.

So what about you? Well, even if things suddenly fall apart for you, my point is to gather up as much information as possible and start weighing options again. I felt like I was having a panic attack at the new job. Usually I’m good about keeping cool but this blew me out of the furry waters. However, a good night’s sleep later, I feel much better about this uncertain situation and started gathering the data I need to make an informed decision. While I’m not happy about dumping the old job to just become temporarily unemployed, I feel like I can still make a move in the positive direction. I hope it works out and I hope you get something out of my blog.

Good luck, fuzzbutts!

Change Change Change

Hi Furries!

Well I made my own leap recently and got a new job! Notified my current employer and training people to take over for me. In less than two weeks, I’ll be working in a new industry (for me). Recent post from me was avoiding Burning Bridges! So now I’m trying to make this transition as smooth as possible. They appreciate it because there’s a lot on the line if things would stop. So I’m still doing my best with less than 2 weeks to go.

I’m excited for this new job but there’s a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. Am I going to actually enjoy this new job? It’s probably really different from things I’ve done before. I know the job and I know the people I’m leaving. It’s one of those “the devil you know vs the devil you don’t” situations. I have no idea how the new situation will be and yet I know how bad the current situation is. Will the new one be worse, better? It’s hard to change! You can actually get comfortable being unhappy when you’re not sure if things will get better by taking the leap. Writing this blog and working on myself for the past almost-year now has led me to the following: Changing a lousy situation is always better than staying in the same place.

So what drove me to make this change? I knew I wasn’t pleased with my current job. After almost 5 years there, I was busted back to doing the same job I did when I was first hired. Granted the pay was better (I had been promoted twice), but this job was becoming stagnant. On top of that, I had survived 4 mass layoffs at this job and every time, the CEO or management comes out and says “This is a good thing. We’re getting more focused. You’re all safe.” After so many rounds of that, there’s a reduced sense of security. So maybe I’ll get cut eventually. So I wasn’t developing professionally and I didn’t see the place improving. Does that justify switching to a new industry and employer? Well it’s time to weigh the option to decide if change is right.

I don’t know the people I’ll be working with. They could be cool or way worse. What about the environment? It won’t be as pristine as the lab I used to run and the instrumentation might not be as fancy. Maybe not but there’s definitely a certain instrument there that is new to me and I would love to get experience with. What about money? Well it’s the same for the moment but in 6 months I’m guaranteed a significant raise so yeah the money will be better too. Commuting distance ? Well it’ll definitely be shorter and I will avoid freeways now so that could mean a lot more free time to do things! Advancement? Well it looks like maybe 2 years to become an official manager. I’ve been a mentor for years already and was recently passed over as a manager for somebody who already had official experience at my current job. I don’t see any changes coming within the next 2 years that would allow me to become a manager so I guess it’s better to change. Can I take the experience elsewhere? Yes. I’m going to be working in a place that is part of infrastructure and will allow me to move wherever I want! That’s awfully nice for somebody, like me, who plans to leave SoCal someday.

So I came to the decision that change is needed. I’m anxious, sure. I don’t feel great about it. I’m finding myself needing to do a little more meditation more often. It’s definitely uncomfortable but that’s how you move on to bigger and better things. It’s not incredibly different from changing my diet to improve my health or working out more or reading more books. I hope you can find something to improve in your own life. Pick one thing at a time and make the changes you know you need!

Good luck, fuzzbutts!

Belated Christmas Greetings

Hello fuzzbutts!

Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah! Hope you had a fun Christmas. I had a fun, very small Christmas with the folks. It was a nice couple of days of good food (still have tasty leftovers from the 24th). Now, I don’t have work until the 2nd so I’m enjoying this vacation to get some work done. I’m listening to books, watching educational videos, and trying to hit some goals.

Speaking of goals, I’m going to post on Saturday about them for the coming new year! For now, think SMART and consider some new years resolutions you want to hit in 2019!

Music vs. Podcasts/Books?

Hello fuzzbutts!

So I enjoy listening to podcasts that are educational and motivational. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks (I’ve read more than 20 books this year as a result). I also have a couple of music stations I love to listen to! Between the categories of just music vs spoken word, I found there’s times for each of them.

If I’m feeling rather neutral or maybe even a little frustrated/stressed out, I go for music. There’s a cathartic feeling of resonating with the energy that helps bring me back to a better state of mind. Sometimes it gives me a sort of fighting energy that I can channel into working harder or faster since I tend to listen to metal or punk. Sometimes I’m just too busy to listen to spoken word stuff so the music is something I can appreciate without having to pay much attention to it.

On the other hand, if I’m having a good day or things are being a bit slow, I’ll go for the other two. Both feel rather educational and entertaining to me since I enjoy personal development or historical topics. I enjoy fiction too but not as much. It feels more productive than music because I’m learning something and it’s good to feel engaged when everything around you is leaving you bored! So it really depends on the conditions whether I prefer audiobooks and podcasts vs music!

I understand this doesn’t apply as well if you can’t put on any headphones at work but take any opportunity. Listen to podcasts or books in the car if you’re stuck in traffic for hours. Put on some music when you have to take on a task at home! Give it a shot!

Good luck Fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Update

Hello Fuzzbutts!

So life is changing yet again. I moved in with family to save money and now we’re all moving! The bad side is my life is topsy turvy for the moment as we rearrange everything. The good side is this second move motivated me to rid myself of things I barely touched since the last purge. I sold my 3D printer which was more finicky than I wanted to deal with, including not wanting to make the effort to learn a bunch of 3d modeling. I learned quite a bit about the process but no thank you!

Also purged some stuff I made that I was having a hard time getting rid of. Partial Mandalorian costume is gone along with some other stuff I made. A play mat I made myself for a tabletop game that I haven’t used in ages. Also offloading as much as I can in the meantime.

I’m going to keep up with the blog but you may notice a little tardiness here and there in getting them up. Got a lot going on but I’m happy to come on here and give examples of when I’m following my own advice.

So keep up with the purging, fuzzbutts! Good luck out there!