Goal Check in

Hello fuzzbutts!

This week I wanted us all to check in on how we’re doing with our goals! If you were around or scrolled back enough to some of the early posts in this blog, you might remember me going through the process of writing down a smart goal. That goal was to draw something good enough for 30 faves on furaffinity within 6 months. With the mid-September deadline looming closer, it’s time to see how I’ve been doing!

Close but not quite yet. My most popular image in those six months is a recent one that, at the time of this post, has 28 faves. There’s a chance this still might hit 30 before the deadline but I’m having fun with drawing on my tablet so there’s no reason to quit. Besides! If I quit after 30 likes, then what was the point of making this a serious goal that I care about?

The Review

Let’s go over how I’ve done with an honest self-assessment on how hard I worked toward this goal. Could it have gone better? Yeah. The whole moving back in with family thing definitely impacted my ability to sit down and draw. Even then, however, I wasn’t the greatest at sitting down after work and drawing either. I usually left work with very little motivation to do stuff so I wasn’t fulfilling my “Draw X hours per week” action item.

So what didn’t work? Waiting until after work. What does work? Drawing in the morning before I hit the gym and then go to work. My mind is in such a better place in the mornings that I can accomplish it. Also, streaming online with friends is a good way to keep me drawing since I don’t want to be the furst to cut out of the stream and I like chatting with pals (partially solving my laziness issues after work). Also, drawing with my new Huion GT-220 has felt much less frustrating than previous tablets and even better than sketching in a notepad since I can zoom in and make endless lines until I have the one I want as opposed to erasing like crazy and risking ruining the rest of the image.

So I still have time to draw up some art to reach my goal. In the meantime, I’ve posted up much more art than I have in previous years, I’ve gotten many new followers, I have a better relationship with my artist friends who I hang with more now, and I know myself better in how I operate effectively.

So do your own self-reviews, check your goals, and see how you can do better!

Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

Monday Update: Still moving

Hello, fuzzbutts!

Almost done with my move back to my folks place. Majority of my things have been taken over there and I’m realizing how many things I accumulated over my years on my own. Much of it isn’t even stuff I want to keep. Boxes and boxes of physical books, many I won’t even read again. Random crafting materials from back when I was attempting to make partial fursuits. Maybe I’ll force myself to finish using up the remaining fur material I have on tails and sell those on the Dealer’s Den.

Good news is that I sent all my unused foam to a friend who DOES make fursuits and they sent me a wonderful little voicemail to thank me.

Anyway, all that’s left to move are my bed and desk along with boxes of more random small things I’m trying to sell before I finish the move. I’m planning on having it done by next week.

This has definitely affected my availability to draw and work on certifications I need for my career. However, I’m still doing my best to get to them and I’m not going to beat myself up for needing to get this done. Love you all!

Monday Update: Moooooving!

Good evening, fuzzbutts!

As a general update, I’ve been practically priced out of my apartment so now I’m moving. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks packing up as much stuff as I can and taking it to the folks! Unfortunately, as I’m tracking my drawing goals, I’m discovering I’m falling behind in the amount of time I spend practicing.

As part of my drawing goal and gathering favorites, I discovered something obvious that I’ve been ignoring for my goal of getting 30 favorites on one piece. Un-shaded sketches don’t get a lot of favorites. I did a piece that was shaded and suddenly it was much better number even though I didn’t like the lineart as much as some I’ve done. So now I know I need to shade my art. I’ve adjusted my routine so now I draw and then shade it. I knew I was going to have to learn it eventually but seeing the stark difference in the sheer number of responses I have to shaded art, it helps motivate me to do it more often and get better at it!

Anyway I’m still moving and hope to get some of the bulk of it done this week so things go smoothly. This definitely interrupted some of my goal-progress time but this does still help me with my long-term goal of saving enough to buy a home. I’ll be back on Wednesday with the next tailtip! Good luck out there, fuzzbutts!

Monday Update:

Hello Fuzzbutts!

I just wanted to post this morning about a personal update. One is that I’m going to BLFC! I’m expecting it to be super fun. Considered getting business cards to drop there and advertise but was too late by the time I thought of it. Next time!

Also, if you happen to read my blog and see me there, let me know! It’ll make me so happy to meet you!

For anyone not going, posts will still go up as normal and I’m still rooting for you on the way to your goals!

I might start using Mondays to post personal updates as I try to learn and advance toward my own goals. We shall see!

Under construction!

Thanks for dropping in! This site is still being planned and set up! The intent of this site is to discuss how to build habits and develop productivity while also serving as a personal diary of my own projects and the journey to make the most of what little time we have!

I’ve met a bunch of furries in my life and I’ve often come across a theme for many (including myself) which is that we never seem to have enough time to get everything done. We have to-do lists a mile long and yet spend all that time with things, important or not, that aren’t on the list at all. Once I finish up this site, I intend to post weekly regarding tips on productivity, discussing articles related to productivity, answering your questions on the topic, and maybe even interview with furries who are successful in the art realm to hear how they manage to be so productive!