FurCon Checklist

Hello Furries!

Here you’ll find the link to my Furry Convention Checklist to download and customize for yourself!

Here are the links in .rtf and .docx formats:



I hope you all find this helpful! Make sure you actually print the list and check off everything you need!

Couple of Thoughts:

  1. I advocate 2x underwear for every day you’re there. I like to fursuit and that works up a sweat. So I got something on when I suit and a fresh set once I get out of suit.
  2. Notepad is super nice to have handy in case somebody wants to share their FA or twitter handle or you just want to record your experiences at the convention. I used mine to update my Checklist and write down some of the stuff I wanted to do after I got home too.
  3. I threw trail mix in there usually because I’m lazy after a flight or traveling and do a rather poor job of eating anything decent the first day of a con (especially if I’m flying solo).
  4. I might take sketchbook off the list for myself because I’ve taken it to a few cons and haven’t drawn at all in them lately. Not a bad thing to have, including if you just want to use a page for jotting down notes.