Gratitude Time!

Hi Fuzzbutts!

In this time of thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday tomorrow, I feel it’s time to go through our lives and look at things we can be grateful for.

I’m grateful for a supportive family. I’m grateful for those I’ve met in the fandom that are such cool and accepting people. I’m grateful to be born in the USA. I’m grateful for this drive to improve myself. I’m grateful I bought my fursuit before my suit mama raised prices. These are all obvious goods to me and are easy to list off.

How about something you usually regard as negative? Well my job has been frustrating me a lot lately with so little to do that I don’t feel it’s meaningful yet I have to sit there and deal with a lot of fallout from office politics at the higher levels. Well I’m grateful that, in spite of how I feel, people do see me as an authority in my group and I have their respect. I appreciate that the lack of things-to-do lets me carry out some of the worksafe tasks (like journaling or goal-setting or online courses) that I couldn’t do if I was busy all day. I’m grateful I can turn around how I feel about my job and put energy into sending out my resume to other places.

What about a problematic family member? “I’m grateful that my mom was so crazy that it drove me to become independent earlier than most people. My brother is really annoying but he’s always had my back when things got rough. My sister was a huge pain but I’m grateful that she could always give me advice.”

It doesn’t work for everything but it doesn’t have to. The point is to come up with a list of things you’re grateful for and to give thanks for. Realize that even if you’re just reading this blog, you can be grateful that WordPress is hosting it. You can be grateful that I took the time to write this post, that electricity is being provided to you, that you are actually exploring areas of your life to better yourself!

The big important things first

Hello fuzzbutts!

Sorry for the late post! I’ve been busy helping the folks get stuff ready for their big move (assuming we can sell the place). Anyway, one thing I wanted to emphasize mostly applies to your days off but can easily be incorporated with those early mornings that some of us like to use to get stuff done.

Whenever there’s something to do and you know you need to do it, then just get that stuff out of the way before it drives you crazy. In helping the folks try to sell their home, I have to keep stuff clean. That means putting away dishes, sweeping, mopping the floor, and regular dusting! The house is sorta “on-call” for this so I don’t have much time to make sure things are ready if I get a notice saying to hurry up and put stuff away. There’s definitely been more than one time I’ve had to make a mad dash to clean up or sweep before people show up and I get out of the house!

This applies to anything that’s important, not just chores. You want to draw more? Get up, get a snack in you, and start drawing in the morning. Not enough time before work? Change your schedule so you get up earlier and THEN draw. Have various projects at work to do? Prioritize them however works best for you and then take the best one on first. Have errands to run? Pop out of the house as fast as you can and take care of it, beating traffic and crowds! You’ll feel a lot better when you flop down into bed at the end of the day!


Music vs. Podcasts/Books?

Hello fuzzbutts!

So I enjoy listening to podcasts that are educational and motivational. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks (I’ve read more than 20 books this year as a result). I also have a couple of music stations I love to listen to! Between the categories of just music vs spoken word, I found there’s times for each of them.

If I’m feeling rather neutral or maybe even a little frustrated/stressed out, I go for music. There’s a cathartic feeling of resonating with the energy that helps bring me back to a better state of mind. Sometimes it gives me a sort of fighting energy that I can channel into working harder or faster since I tend to listen to metal or punk. Sometimes I’m just too busy to listen to spoken word stuff so the music is something I can appreciate without having to pay much attention to it.

On the other hand, if I’m having a good day or things are being a bit slow, I’ll go for the other two. Both feel rather educational and entertaining to me since I enjoy personal development or historical topics. I enjoy fiction too but not as much. It feels more productive than music because I’m learning something and it’s good to feel engaged when everything around you is leaving you bored! So it really depends on the conditions whether I prefer audiobooks and podcasts vs music!

I understand this doesn’t apply as well if you can’t put on any headphones at work but take any opportunity. Listen to podcasts or books in the car if you’re stuck in traffic for hours. Put on some music when you have to take on a task at home! Give it a shot!

Good luck Fuzzbutts!

Taking the digital break

Hello fuzzbutts!

As we continue to work toward our goals and pushing on the tasks at hand, it can become a bit overwhelming. We put in the effort to eat right and sleep well to maintain our energy. Sometimes we stretch too thin and have a hard time focusing. This happens when our phones constantly ding, notifications pop up even on Windows 10, and friends are trying to message us on Telegram and Discord!

Well, aside from a little mindfulness meditation sometimes, we need to take a step back from the distractions. Having to leave the house for a few hours, I made the most of it by going to the park and sitting down with a sketchbook for a bit. Sure I had my phone with me but I put it on Do-Not-Disturb and played some music while I sat there. Sitting in a park for 3 hours will really make your brain feel weird. I entered a different state of mind.

After a bit of time (because 3 hours feels like forever) I was walking along the path, picking up seeds from the palm trees and tossing them to squirrels to watch them pick them up. One came just inches from my hand! Eventually, my mind started to wander to the things I needed to do. Some of it actually made me feel like I’m spread too thin again, even if I just think of the goals I set last week. So maybe I need to tweak things already. By taking a big step away from doing the work, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing with your goals and efforts.

So take some time to get away from all the things keeping you busy and try to just detox from all the distractions. It’ll help you get your mind right and you’ll feel better after taking some time to go outside!

Have fun, furries!

Wednesday Tailtip: Drawing better with art studies

Hello furries!

Want to get better at art? Found enough general tutorials to get you going so you have some of the basics down? Got a couple of characters you can draw well?

Chances are you’re good at canines and felines. How about drawing horses or deer? Can you draw a species different enough that people recognize the difference between a fox and a wolf by you? I’ve seen plenty of great horses drawn but I’ve also seen some that look almost like wolves without the scruffy fur. So how do you work on that?

Well take out a page and download a mess of reference images. Then just draw what you see. It’s practice! You focus on the imagery and draw it up as much as you can. Draw a drew practice heads or poses and then step back and try to notice the details. Where did you go right? Where did you go wrong? Are there common features that you see are useful for you to convey the image? Are there spots that you can’t seem to get right and need to work on deeper? Keep going!

So if you’re working on doodling up some furry art, take the time for deliberate practice and drawing things you’re not experienced or skilled with. Aside from just drawing a ton, deliberate practice will be one of the best ways to improve your skills!


Good luck, fuzzbutts!

New Goals Time!

Hi Fuzzbutts!

So I’ve pretty much done the goals I wanted earlier this year. Now I need to set the next ones. Follow the SMART goals rule!

  1. Get 20 more followers by the end of the year on my FA page. Ok. It’s very specific, it’s measurable. The actionable part is me drawing and posting me. It’s reasonable to get 20 more by the end of the year. And I got my time limit. NEXT!
  2. Finish a Blender modeling course by the end of the month. It has all the features in that short sentence.
  3. Publish a story or a collection of 5 short stories by the end of the year on Amazon. This one is going to be a stretch goal for myself. Stretch goal means I want to do it and I will try but I’m not 100% sure I’ll get it done before the end of the year while working on the first two goals. It’s not as high a priority as the other goals.

There’s my new goals for the rest of the year. I didn’t think I’d want to give 3d modeling another shot after selling my 3d printer but I realized I can easily spend hours enjoying working on Blender. The problem was the frustration of using and fiddling with the 3d printer. I probably won’t go back to 3d printing unless I invest a bit more for a quality product. No plans for that right now.

I don’t have any plans for 2019 yet (Shooting for 4 furry cons in 2019 but nothing else yet).

So I hope you’re coming up with some fun goals for your own lives! Good luck, furry friends!

Fursuiting Tips!


So, following up on all the con fun I had over the weekend, I wanted to present a few things I learned as I ran around in my fursuit to maximize fun!

  • Shower BEFORE and AFTER you fursuit! You’re going to sweat. If you shower before you suit up, you’ll sweat but be much less gross in your fursuit. If you take a cool shower before hand, you can cool yourself down a bit before getting all hot in your suit too! After you suit, clean yourself up and spray down your suit and hang it up to dry. This will help you maintain your suit and prevent it from getting icky during the con!
  • I splurged a while back and got the EZ Cool Vest to wear under my fursuit and over my underarmor. It definitely helped. I’d wander around in my suit and could feel the coolness of the gel packs and they chilled out pretty darn fast after tossing them into the hotel sink and dumping ice over them. I recommend getting something like that to keep yourself cool.
  • Hydrate like crazy. If you feel yourself cooling down pretty quick and then put on the fursuit to almost immediately overheat. Your body is having trouble regulating your body temp because you’re dehydrated! So drink a bit before suiting and then drink a lot after suiting.
  • Work your cardio before a con. Cardio exercise improves your stamina in suit so you can suit even longer! Your overall fitness will determine how well you do in fullsuit.
  • Want some photos taken of you? Find a high-traffic spot and stand around! If you’re wandering the con the entire time, people will often assume you’re too busy for them to want to stop you and ask. So find a nice spot and hang out, look cute, and wave to anyone who looks over at you. Another way is to do something fun to perform in front of everyone but, especially for high levels of activity, that might tucker you out. I got way more photos just hanging outside the AZFC dealer’s den than I did at any other point in the con!

So those are my quick notes on fursuiting and making the most of your hot adventure! Good luck, fuzzbutts!