AZFC Review!

Hi fuzzbutts!

So I got back from AZFC today and wanted to write a little review of Arizona FurCon!

First, the hotel! The Delta Marriott is a nice little hotel that is kept well-maintained overall. The rooms were inexpensive and had just about everything you’d want. My room had a queen bed, a couch, and a mini fridge. Room service was prompt and they did a great job keeping everything stocked (coffee and water bottles and towels). Never had any issues with the hotel staff. One thing I noticed is I could hear my neighbors through the door that connected both our rooms. My neighbors were well-behaved and slept at a reasonable hour during the con so it never affected me but I could see that being an issue. The room service was reasonably priced and the food was delicious.

The size of the con. I don’t have the numbers for the con but it was a physically small con. From leaving my hotel room, I picked up my badge and checked out the entire dealer’s den and found the panel rooms within ~20 minutes. The Art Show was about 12 pieces, most of which looked like they came from the same artist. Very small con. At first I thought it might just be locals showing up for the convention! I suited as much as I could manage and looks like most furries staggered their suiting times. There was a flood of fursuits at the parade but I only saw maybe a couple dozen or so of the same suits roaming around throughout the con.

The theme! The what? Aside from opening and closing ceremonies, didn’t really notice much of a theme at all (It was The Furbidden Temple). No posters on the walls or decor to suggest there was a theme. Theme is usually not something I pay attention to anyway unless it’s super good (BLFC’s future dystopia with Brometheus Bear).

Anyway, it’s the smallest con I’ve been to but I still had fun. If you’re meeting or going with friends to it, you’ll have a great time hanging out in a low-pressure situation compared to huge cons where you’re trying to catch up with a ton of people. If you’re flying solo like I was, the fun of a con is entirely up to you and how much you participate. I was out there in suit every day and browsed the dealers den and chatted it up with anyone I could. Overall, it was pretty small and pretty darn fun!

So that’s my impression of this convention. It’s a small con that’s pretty darn fun and, for the time we were there, the weather was absolutely beautiful so it’s a great time for the con to be held in AZ. It’s a bit smaller than I would prefer so I probably won’t do it next year unless I have friends to go/room with.

I did finish my Convention checklist and added a few items to the list that would have been nice to bring. I’ll be added it to my page soon. EDIT: Done! It’s now a permanent link on the left side of the page!

Talk to you soon, furry friends!