Wednesday Update

Hello Fuzzbutts!

So life is changing yet again. I moved in with family to save money and now we’re all moving! The bad side is my life is topsy turvy for the moment as we rearrange everything. The good side is this second move motivated me to rid myself of things I barely touched since the last purge. I sold my 3D printer which was more finicky than I wanted to deal with, including not wanting to make the effort to learn a bunch of 3d modeling. I learned quite a bit about the process but no thank you!

Also purged some stuff I made that I was having a hard time getting rid of. Partial Mandalorian costume is gone along with some other stuff I made. A play mat I made myself for a tabletop game that I haven’t used in ages. Also offloading as much as I can in the meantime.

I’m going to keep up with the blog but you may notice a little tardiness here and there in getting them up. Got a lot going on but I’m happy to come on here and give examples of when I’m following my own advice.

So keep up with the purging, fuzzbutts! Good luck out there!

Wednesday Tailtip: Sell and sell often!

Good morning fuzzbutts!

Today, I want to keep telling you to reduce clutter. I’ve gone over it before but it’s an ongoing process. It’s easy to keep acquiring things you don’t need. Your room might be clean for a while but then what happens? New little things start piling up. Not so long after your room is organized and cleaned, it looks the way it did before. So what do you do with the stuff that shows up?

Sell it! Get rid of it! I was making great progress selling a bunch of things and then what happened? My family saw me decluttering and then started handing me stuff, asking me to sell it. They didn’t want it so it filled up the room again with random stuff, some of it junk and some of it worth money. Yet almost all of it seems to sell. What doesn’t sell ends up at the Goodwill but a surprising amount of it actually sells and I get to split the cash. Cash for what? Whatever I want. Whether it’s an item I actually could use or commission some art or pay my way to a furcon or get some food!

You may not get much cash for the stuff you’re getting rid of but you may get enough for something you really want. On top of that, it just feels way better to be in a clean room with so much less on your mind!


Good luck, fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: De-clutter and get money!

I can’t stress enough how much I feel de-cluttering helps to simplify your life and make it so much easier to focus. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things. My recent move made it easy but even then, I was tempted to hold onto stuff. The idea of cash in my pocket sounded even better, though, so I went ahead and sold stuff!

Books, games, movies, etc. All of them are actually pretty easy to look up on Amazon. Whatever you’re considering getting rid of, see if you can put it up for sale. The site just makes it easy. Anything that wasn’t worth selling was usually so cheap that it wasn’t even worth holding onto! Why let your copy of Zootopia take up space when it’ll only cost you 5 bucks (after shipping) to get it back in the future?

So sell what you can and dump anything else that isn’t worth its weight in salt!