Wednesday Tailtip: Instant pot

Hello Fuzzbutts!

As a follow-up to a previous tailtip about meal prep, I wanted to give a quick tip on my favorite way to meal prep: I bought an instant pot.

My multi-function 8-in-1 cooker has all kinds of functions. I can make rice, yogurt, slow cook foods, and program how I want it cooked. I love it because I can throw stuff into it in the morning, set the timer, and it’s kept warm after the programmed time and I have everything ready when I’m home! I also use it on Sundays where I throw enough food into it to prepare all my lunches for the week.

Mine was around ~$80 so it wasn’t a huge investment but it has made my life much easier. Hopefully you’ll also learn how to eat healthier as you search up tons of recipes online. Good luck!

Wednesday Tailtip: Meal Prep!

Hey Fuzzbutts!

Got another tailtip for you this week. If you work a regular job, picking your lunch every day can get annoying and difficult if you can’t decide what you want or don’t have leftovers. Rather than drain your brain, cook up enough food on Sunday to last you until Friday for lunch!

There’s only a couple of requirements. Whatever you cook still needs to be edible on Friday. Also, you need to cook enough that you’re not starving at work! It will take a little testing and adjusting to figure out how much you eat but once you figure it out on a regular basis, then you’re all set!

As a general health tip, try to adjust your mindset when it comes to food. Treat food only as fuel and nutrition. It’s great to have tasty awesome food sometimes but sometimes you get bored if you eat the same thing all week. Accept the fact that food is fuel and getting bored isn’t an issue as long as you understand you’re eating for survival. Hopefully, you’ll also eat healthier!