Off to AZFC!

Good morning Fuzzbutts!

Today I’m off to AZFC to enjoy some furry fun at a con I’ve never been to! Flying solo this time so I hope to meet plenty of you there and have fun!

I guess before I go, I want to tack in a little tip:


I don’t know why I was never adamant about it before after all the cons I’ve been to but this time I’m running around this morning and trying to figure out what I need to bring. So, when preparing for a convention, be sure to list all the things you want to bring in advance. Right now I’m using LadyRain’s Convention Packing List¬†as a last-second thing but I think I’ll come up with my own list that feels a little more specific to what I like to take to cons. Once it’s done, I’ll put it up on here so more fuzzbutts can hopefully find use out of it!

I’ll be back Monday. Next post will either get back to productivity hacks or a review of AZFC. Have a great weekend and say hello if you see me there!