Wednesday Tailtip: Breathe Better

Hello fuzzbutts!

Lately I’ve been having some really stressful days, primarily caused by my work. I could list off all the ways I’m having trouble keeping my cool but I discovered a way that genuinely seems to help. Take a deep breath.

Do I mean meditate? Well that would be nice but I have a hard time keeping up that habit. Maybe that should be a goal for 2019. However, I just mean to breathe. When you get all stressed out, your breathing becomes shallow which then keeps you stressed! It’s like kicking yourself when you’re down. You can see it when people seem to be in a panic and you just want to go and say “Slow down, take a deep breath.” All my life I assumed it’s just to get people to stop rambling but it actually has a real effect in your body.

It’s hard to meditate in the moment because the thoughts are fresh and the problems are usually swirling around you. However, you can still take a breath. Take a few. Don’t make a big show of a noisy gasp of air. Just make sure you take a deep breath. Then take another. Do as many as you need until you feel your stress dip a little bit.

I hope this helps.

Good luck fuzzbutts!


Fitting in exercise!

Hello fuzzbutts!

One thing I enjoy doing is working in some exercise in my day. If you’ve been following for a bit, you might have read that I enjoy working out in the mornings. Yes! It’s the best time for me to squeeze in some running or something before going to work. That being said, especially lately, I don’t always have the energy in the mornings.

One reason might be my lack of a workout partner to motivate me to get out of bed no matter how tired I am. Somebody being around to work out with would be helpful to push myself. Unfortunately, the teeny gym by my work doesn’t really have anyone on the same schedule as me so there’s not really a workout partner there.

Another reason for my recent fatigue in the mornings is probably the fact my family is moving and this might be some residual stress. So maybe a little meditation might be helpful. By the middle of the day I’m usually ok so, for now, I know what I need to do.

Work out after work! That’s the plan for myself now. I’ll feel better when I get home and I’ll sleep better. Traffic will be a little worse but it works for my schedule so that’s what’s important. Hopefully, I hope you’re finding the best workout time for yourself because, as fuzzbutts, we need it! Plus, I’ve found cardio to be very helpful for fursuiting!

As a last note for right now, I will be at AZFC in less than 2 weeks! If you’ve read my blog and enjoyed it, I’d love it if you said hello! I look forward to another fun convention!

Good luck, fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Assess every bit of your health

Good morning fuzzbutts!

As a quick tip today, look at yourself and the areas of your life that could get better. Not sleeping well, look up ways from articles on how to sleep better. Maybe you’re missing something like you need to keep the curtains closed! Waking up with a sour taste in your mouth? Acid reflux might be doing that and that will also affect your sleep so get it under control.

Get sad at certain moments? Look at your brain and maybe feel out what the triggers are. I noticed I can wake up pretty depressed but it’s usually because my sleep quality that night was so terrible.

There’s lots of small chronic things that seem so small and minor that we just feel that’s normal. It’s probably not, though! So try to catch areas of your health and look up the symptoms to see if anyone else has come across it. It’s up to you to realistically assess whether it’s an issue with mouth-breathing or if you have cancer (You probably don’t have cancer so at least try the other solutions first).