Wednesday Tailtip: The reminder notes

Good morning fuzzbutts!

Even if you know what you should be doing, keeping that part in your mind when the tests come up can be difficult. An example is I’m trying to cut down on sugar. However, if somebody brings donuts to work, I forget about my sugar diet until I’m most of the way through a delicious chocolate-covered donut. So, rather than forget next time, I take a post-it note and stick it to my monitor that says Eat Less Sugar.

Since then, it’s been way easier to resist the temptation and stick to my reduced-sugar plan.

Also, I tend not to check the position of my arm/wrist when using a mouse at my computer. After having our safety person make sure my desk was ergonomic, she drew a frowny face on a post it now and put it above my mouse. Every time I see that goofy doodle, I’m sure to double-check my wrist is straight when at my computer.

Sometimes we need something external to remind us of the obvious. Somethings as simple as a post-it now might help you make the long-term habits and changes you need to keep improving your furry life!

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Have any reminders?

Hello fuzzbutts!

It’s a fine Saturday today and I hope your day is going great! Hopefully you’ve got enough time to keep up with your goals and routines. However, it’s totally understandable to get caught up on more normal things and let your goals slide a little. First it’s just having something else you have to get done so you skip out on working toward your goal for the day. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Then something else comes up the next day. Well you already put off your goal for a day and this other thing is reaaaalllyyy important (even though it’s a terrible inconvenience) so you put off your goals again. Maybe you’re tired the next day after that! After all, you had two emergency things this week! You decide to relax and take it easy  before you work on your goals and…. woops! It’s way past time to work on your goal now. Maybe tomorrow you’ll have better luck.

Now it’s not bad to miss a little work here and there. You goals should be filling you with a sense of purpose or excitement, not guilt and dread. However, it’s easy to fall out of a routine in favor of working on other stuff or just being lazy. To keep you on task during the day, I recommend setting reminders for yourself.

There’s passive reminders to keep around. I enjoy putting a caption or quote to a pierce of artwork I have on my wall. Being a star wars-loving furry, I have a picture of Boba Fett on my wall that asks “What makes you happy?” as a reminder that what I’m doing should help me toward my goal or that I shouldn’t waste time on stuff I hate. A passive reminder is just something floating around that you notice sometimes to help ingrain the habit of monitoring your own actions.

Then there’s active reminders. These things pop up to remind you of what you’re supposed to do. It might be a rubber band on your wrist you snap. It could be an alarm clock. Now, it could be an app! I use an app, TimeTune, which lets me set routines for every day and it buzzes me whenever I’m supposed to start a task. It’s on my phone so OF COURSE I have to check it when it buzzes. There’s plenty of times I’m busy with something or just laying on the couch when it comes up and I might have missed my task that day if I hadn’t set that alert on my phone!

So try to put up something in your space with a passive reminder that resonates with you to keep on task. Then, I suggest getting an app on your phone to remind you on a regular basis about the things you need to get done each day (not just a to-do list but something to help you schedule your tasks. I like TimeTune and I hear ToDoist is good too).

Good luck Fuzzbutts!