Thursday Tailtip: Remember to keep learning toward your goals!

Good morning, Fuzzbutts!

Today, I want to remind everyone that your life’s goals pretty much ALL have resources available online for you to research. Yesterday I thought about my future and how I want to have a family, raise good pup wuffs, and maintain a loving, happy relationship. Yet my dating life isn’t so great right now. So what do I need to do? As grand a vision as that is, I don’t really research those topics as much as I just try to put myself out there. Well why not research more?

Dating is being covered more and more in books and videos (honest dating, not pick-up artist stuff) and relationships have their own section in the bookstore too. Parenting is another huge topic out there. The study of happiness is only being rediscovered in the modern world. Yet these are the types of things we think we can just learn or do without any help and have an easy time of it.

Maybe instead of dating, you’re trying to discover how to be more positive in your personality, improve social interactions, increase your general knowledge of the universe, or increase your discipline and determination. There are all kinds of things out there that people have studied and worked on and actually want to give that information out to the world. So, if it’s related to something you want, why not see what they have to say? Not to say everyone out there is an actual expert. Sometimes people just put things out there because their real goal is just to be seen or to sell their “secret formula” to life.  As you see these things, you’ll learn how to differentiate the useful advice from the useless fluff.

Good luck fuzzbutts!

Wednesday Tailtip: Find the right Tutorials

Hello fuzzbutts!

So today, I wanted to address the whole “I need to learn X before I begin! Must research all things!”

I believe it is important to do your research to some extent. The problem is we get locked into it because we never feel ready to start. So we keep looking for all kinds of information.

For drawing, I started with How to Draw Manga books. I then followed up with looking up video tutorials and then drawing websites like Proko. Eventually, I found one set of tutorials that actually resonated with me: Mikeymegamega. He draws the art I want to do (anime female body types) and he does a great job of explaining everything. Not to mention he also reviews drawing tablets for the PC. This is where my search for learning to draw has stopped. Now I just draw and use the tutorials as a reference.

Whatever your goal may be, you’ll find almost countless resources online to guide you along. However, my point is to make sure that, as soon as you find something you resonate with, you stop the search and get to work! All the research in the world won’t matter if you’re not putting it to work!

Are you Researching too much?

Hello fuzzbutts!
Are you all set with your chosen goals and ready to get started? Have you read endless amounts of material? Do you know ALL the things you’re supposed to do? Are you finding the wealth of knowledge from the internet? Have you actually done anything yet?
If the answer to the last one is No, then you might be falling into a trap. “Well I have to know what I’m supposed to do before I do it, right?” you ask, one ear perked with mistrust. Well sure. However, there is a point where you need to actually BEGIN the tasks you need to do.
Say you want to draw better. You can read any number of articles or watch the unending list of videos to learn drawing. Even if you finish every bit of those, when the time comes down to put pencil to paper, you’ll find your skills severely lacking. That is because, in your quest to become better at drawing, you neglected to do the one thing. DRAW!
Researching a skill, whether it’s fursuit building, drawing, or even fishing, doesn’t matter if you don’t put it to actual practice. For any skill, you have to practice. Research has to be considered a supplement to your practice, not a substitute for it. You may never feel ready if you constantly doubt whether or not you know enough. In order to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to learning something, you need to start practicing those skills and learn as much as you can along the way! Good luck!